Patient Testimonials

Marty Boquet – Pedro, thank you very much for suggesting I try a mouth piece for better sleep.  It has been a life saver!  When you first brought it up I was very skeptical and apprehensive about wearing a mouth piece to sleep.  My feelings were: Would it be comfortable?  I’m too young to have this problem?  I don’t want to have to bother with this “thing” in my mouth every night.  What about when we travel, will I have to remember to bring it?  Will this mouth piece mess up my bite and cause other problems with my jaw down the road?  All these things were running through my head but the bottom line was; how was I feeling all day long not getting solid sound sleep?  Well the truth is I was feeling hung over, fatigued and very aggravated because my wife was kicking me all night for snoring.  We both were not getting quality sleep.  Honestly this has been one of the best choices for my health, my sleep quality is awesome, I sleep solid all night without waking up, when I get up in the morning I’m full of energy and ready to go, and my wife no longer kicks me through the night so she’s sleeping better also.  Pedro thank you very much for asking the right questions, being compassionate enough to offer the right solution and following through to make sure all is well after I started wearing the mouth piece.  I have now been wearing this mouth piece for better sleep for about 1 year and I’d do it all over again.  I actually look forward to getting to bed and wearing it because I know how well I’ll be sleeping.  I’d recommend this for anyone not sleeping well.

Barbara D. – Dr. Cuartas and his staff are wonderful and very friendly and helpful. I have lost my lower teeth due to health reasons and Dr Cuartas has given me my life back. I had teeth implants on my lower mouth and now I can eat anything I desire. I have so much confidence in my beautiful teeth all I want to do is smile. Thank you so much for giving me my life back! I would recommend Dr. Cuartas to all my friends and family.

Chris C. – After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I used the CPAP machine for a year or so. The hook-up was awkward and I found it hard to get used to it. After discussing this with my sleep apnea doctor, he suggested I may want to consider looking into a sleep appliance (mouthguard). I was recommended to Dr. Cuartas. He took measurements and made adjustments for this appliance. I have been using this appliance for the last 3 years or so and I am completely satisfied. I would recommend this appliance to anyone who can’t tolerate the CPAP machine.

P.B. -I have been with Pedro’s dentist office over 10 years. He has the best staff and service.

Tabitha M – I always look forward to my visits. Everyone is so amazing and so friendly and that is how I feel like here. A friend, not just a patient. My visits are so relaxing! It’s more like being at a spa than a dentist office. Dr. Cuartas is so welcoming and so warm and it makes all the difference. No matter my location, this office will always be my home for all my dental needs. Blessed to be a patient.

N.S. -I have had my appliance since July 19 of this year.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first.  I just couldn’t understand how that small device could make that much difference in my health.  But, after only about three months, I’m amazed at how different my life is.  I have had enormous success.

D.S. -My husband says that I don’t snore while I sleep.  I’m more alert during the day, and I don’t fall asleep during prayer time.  I can read without being sleepy, and I can drive now without the worry of falling asleep.

Occasionally, if I’m really tired, I forget to use my appliance and I really notice the difference in the way I feel in the morning.  This device has changed my quality of life and I’m very greatful that Dr. Cuartas discovered my sleep apnea and knew what to do to correct it.

My wife has been sleeping in what I consider a half asleep/half awake state of sleep.

As her husband I would be awakened by my petite wife snoring and soon after awaken in a mild snoring state then reshuffle to go back to sleep—then five to ten minutes later the same snoring pattern would begin again.

I have witnessed this first hand for years. I would lay next to her and watch her have this sleep pattern night after night.

I would be awakened by her snoring every night and it continued year after year.

When Dr. Cuartas suggested she “may” have sleep apnea or sleep breathing disorder— I was thinking–“she might?”—“NO, SHE DOES”. I am here to testify she has sleep apnea.

My wife, being a small, beautiful 97 pound woman, who would have never been considered for sleep apnea treatment is now sleeping like a “BABY”.

I must admit I was skeptical that a mouth piece would correct her sleeping disorder. I thought that it may help but would it really make a difference?

I am here to testify that my wife stopped snoring the first day she slept with her mouth device. This device has made such a change in her sleep.

I know my wife and we have slept together for 40+ years —I know how she slept before the device and how she sleeps now—“NIGHT AND DAY…NO SNORING/NO AWAKENING/NO RESTLESS SLEEP”.

It may not matter but “I” have been sleeping much better since she has had her mouth piece. I haven’t been awakened once since she has slept with her mouth piece.

I know Dr. Cuartas believes in this product and as a testimony to his own experience I can attest, as her husband who sleeps next to his wife for 40+ years, this mouth piece works!

Dr. Cuartas truly cares about people who suffer with sleeping disorders or apnea.

I am certain, without any doubt, that the device Dr. Cuartas prescribed for my wife has changed her sleeping quality.

In closing, I want to thank Dr. Cuartas for his proactive approach to helping my wife with her sleeping disorder.

It has changed her life and mine. Thanks Dr. Cuartas— you are a good man!!”